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Oregon Pinots: Wines with Plenty of Personality

Finally! My chance to participate in the Oregon Pinot Camp has arrived. “Camp?” My friends’ incredulous faces stared back at me. “Your work is taking you to Oregon to drink wine for four days?” Well … when you put it like that … I guess I have to say, “Yes!”

Every year, 50 of Oregon’s wineries or wine companies come together and invite over 250 hospitality and wine professionals to explore and experience the Oregon wine country. In the last 30 years, Oregon’s Pinot Noirs have gone from being unknown entities to international “celebrities,” receiving recognition and acclaim from wine industry professionals worldwide. Wine lovers who had previously stocked only Burgundies in their wine cellars have now started stocking Pinots produced from the wine grapes grown in Willamette Valley, Dundee Hills and Yamhill County.

The Oregon Pinot Camp

And the OTHER I of wine Professionals participated in a six workshops. We learned about the history of Oregon wine making and explored Oregon wines’ vintages and wine styles. We also discussed and tasted Oregon’s white wines. Took us to Winemakers Their vineyards to discuss the terroir. You know what? ‘s Nothing like There squeezing the dirt clods (oops, excuse up my indelicate the faux pas … Should say The soil I of the samples an INSTEAD?) The if you want to Understand the difference Between sedimentary and A volcanic-based earth.

The star of the show? Of Pinot Noir of The, bien sûr (of course the) – That persistently persnickety A grape That perpetually puzzles and perplexes is even the Devoted are most winemaker. In order to make the wonderfully elegant and silky wine that we call Pinot, vine growers dedicate their lives to combating this thin-skinned grape’s proneness to rot. They have to stay up at all hours of the night, zipping through their plots, tasting, chewing, spitting, and tasting again and again – until the grapes finally “whisper” to their caretakers that full ripeness has been achieved and the right moment to begin harvest has arrived.

The Pinot wine tasting focused on the 2006 vintage, a year that pleased many winemakers and yielded high-quality grapes. It is clear that Oregon winemakers strive to produce wines that are true to Pinot’s varietal characteristics. Although the wines at the wine tasting were very young, they displayed a variety of aromas and flavors that ranged from bright, fresh, red berries to riper, dark blackberries and plum. The various uses of oak were apparent, and the flavors ranged from the more subtle (eg elegant Pinots from the Domain Drouhin winemaker) to fuller-bodied, spicier versions that expressed more cedar, vanilla and tobacco (eg Pinots from the Panther Creek and Witness Tree vineyards).

As a group, Oregon Pinots exhibit a mouthwatering acidity, firm tannins, fruit complexity, and a lengthy finish – all of which are important elements of quality and agreeability.

The Pinot Gris was also featured, and this grape reigned supreme among the whites. The Pinot Gris wines we sampled were deliciously crisp, clean and refreshing. They can accompany many a dish. Gee, I suddenly have this craving for seared scallops and asparagus – but, I digress.

The winemakers from Oregon are also being creative and are experimenting with other varietals such as Chardonnay. Wonderfully example of refreshing A is Soter / Argyles’s sparkling blanc de blancs. The Ponzi Winery makes a lovely Arneis; others are dabbling with more aromatic varietals such as Riesling and Gewürztraminer.

We the floated over of As the vineyards of Oregon You in Our hot air balloon ( mais oui! ) One’s by morning, I of Thought about the Oregon You winemakers. For They have INITIALLY Although Looked to The Burgundy for inspiration, for They Remained to true to Their goal of Discovering Their own style and expression is unique constraint of the terroir. They are succeeding quite well in this department , too. In fact, they have started attracting the French. Willakenzie Winery then owned Quote French HAD fun yet Mind in the when IT Produced Plaisir an à to Trois , a unique constraint of the blend of Pinot Noir, of Pinot Meunier and Gamay Noir.

The Oregon wine country deserves our praise, indeed. It’s a place worth watching, especially for those people who have a predisposition for particular Pinots.

Cheers! <-:! Ru–>

At last! I had the chance to visit «Oregon Pinot Camp» (eng. “The Oregon Pinot Camp”). “Camp?” – As if it were said, incredulous eyes of my friends. “You just have to go to work in Oregon and four days there to taste the wine?”. Well, if you see it so … I should have to say “Yes!”.

Each year, 50 Oregon wineries and wine companies come together and invite over 250 professionals from the field of organization techniques and wine experts for research and study of the Oregon Wine Country area. Over the past 30 years, Oregon Pinot Noir went from completely unknown to the world of wines “famous” drinks; They have been recognized and approved by experts of the wine industry from all over the world. Wine connoisseurs, as previously linked only to the wines of Burgundy, now began to fill their wine cellars Pinot, made from grapes grown in the Willamette Valley in the Dundee Hills or in Yamhill County.

About «Oregon Pinot Camp»

I and other participants were divided into six working groups. We learned about the history of winemaking in Oregon, as well as acquainted with the vintage wines and wine styles of the state. We also discussed and tasted Oregon white wine. Winemakers carried us a tour of their vineyards, so we can discuss terroir. And you know what? There is nothing better than to squeeze in their hands dirty clods (oops, I ask my gross mistake … perhaps I should say soil samples?), If you want to understand the difference between sedimentary and volcanic rocks.

Who was the highlight of the evening? Pinot Noir, bien sûr (of course) – it always finicky grape, which continually confuses and baffles even the most skilled winemakers. To make a surprisingly elegant and velvety wine that we call Pinot, winegrowers devote his entire life to the struggle with his tendency to deteriorate rapidly. They spend the whole night on his feet, walking in their vineyards, tasting, chewing, spitting, and then trying again and again – until the grapes in the end, not “tell” his caring owner that he had fully matured, and came the best time to harvest.

Wine tasting Pinot was focused on the wine harvest in 2006, the year that will satisfy even the most demanding winemakers, because he was generous with grapes of the highest quality. It is clear that Oregon winemakers strive to produce wines appropriate varietal characteristics of Pinot. Though the wine tasting and were quite young, they display all the richness of aromas and flavors of the variety: from bright, fresh red fruit to ripe blackberry and dark plum. The use of oak in the manufacture of wine, it was obvious by this taste ranged from more subtle (eg, elegant Pinot wineries Domain Drouhin) to more saturated, filled with aromas of cedar, vanilla and tobacco (eg Pinot grape farms Panther Creek and Witness Tree).

As a group, Pinot exhibit an appetizing acidity, persistent tannins, fruit complexity of the structure, and a long final taste – and this is the most important elements of quality and pleasant taste.

Grapes Pinot Gris was also presented at the tasting, and it stood out against the white grapes. Pinot Gris wines we tasted were delicious vigorous, transparent and had a refreshing effect. They are the perfect complement many dishes. God, I suddenly wanted fried scallops and asparagus – but perhaps I’m a little distracted from the topic.

The winemakers from Oregon, being extremely creative people, do not miss the slightest case proeksperementirovat with other grape varieties, such as Chardonnay. An example of such an extraordinary wine can be refreshing sparkling wine Blanc de Blanc Soter/Argyles. Winery Ponzi Winery produces excellent wine from a grade of Arneis; Other manufacturers are engaged in a more aromatic grape varieties such as Riesling and Gewürztraminer.

When one fine morning we were floating in the sky in hot air balloons ( mais oui! ) Over the vineyards of Oregon, I was just thinking about winemaking in the region. Although they originally drew inspiration in Burgundy wines, yet they remained faithful to its goal – to open his own unique style of wine and terroir. And they were doing well in this area. In fact, now their wines began to attract a lot of attention of the French. Winery Willakenzie Winery, owned by the French, made a fine wine Plaisir à Trois, a unique blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Gamay Noir.

Oregon Wine Country neighborhood really worthy of praise. This place is worth seeing all, but especially for those who prefer Pinot wines.

To your health!