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Corporate Seminars

Looking for a unique way of bonding with and rewarding your staff, clients, sales associates, and franchisees?

Here’s a brilliant idea: Give a wine tasting seminar. Sniff, swirl and sip wine while you circulate, mingle and socialize with everyone. Wine and conversation – definitely a winning combination.

Here’s another brilliant idea: Get the best resource person.
Book your wine tasting and wine appreciation seminar with the one of the best nose in the business. Sébastien Gavillet, Chief Wine Officer of Wine Aromas/(Le Nez du Vin) and administrator of the first multilingual wine education blog,, is a professional wine taster and educator. He is the perfect resource person for a wine tasting seminar.

Sébastien definitely has the experience, the expertise and the skills to give you and everyone else you invite something interesting and refreshing to rave about. One of his recent speaking engagement was at the AmericasMart Gourmet Show in Atlanta featuring prominent keynote speakers like Chef Alton Brown.

And here is what Robert Hall, President of Bottega del Vino Crystals and sponsor of the Gourmet Show event has to say about Sébastien:

“Sébastien’s wine and food knowledge is truly encyclopedic and he is a terrific resource to work with.”

Sébastien has also been invited to Lynne Rossetto Kasper’s radio show, The Splendid Table, to speak about wine aromas kits and the importance of aromas in wine.

About our Wine Tasting Seminars

Relevant: Our wine tasting seminars will give you and your staff valuable skills that you can use when wining, dining and impressing your clients. They’re also an excellent venue for networking with clients, associates and franchisees. Our wine tasting seminars will also liven up your conferences, retreats, holiday parties, corporate dinners, and other types of corporate events.

Flexible: We’ll go where you want to go. We will hold the wine tasting seminar at the location of your choice.

Customizable: Our seminars’ format is flexible and can be tailored to fit to your requirements. We can also provide wine accessories and introductory books about wine – perfect take-away gifts after one of our wine tasting seminars.

Interactive: Our wine aroma workshops are interactive. We use state-of-the-art tools like video animation to enhance learning.

Corporate Seminars Series

Making Scents of Wine – Basic skills and knowledge for budding wine aficionados
This seminar will introduce participants to the world of wines. In Making Scents of Wine, seminar participants will learn the following:
– How to taste wine
– The components of wine and relevant wine lingo (e.g. tannins, acidity, pallet, finish)
– Different wine styles
– An overview of classic wines, their aromas and their regions of origin
– How to read a wine label
– What to look for when buying wines
– How to properly store wines

Wine Pairing – How to pair wine with food
Red, White or Sparkling? Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon? So many options – how do you make the appropriate choice? The Wine Pairing seminar will teach participants everything they need to know about pairing wine with food. The following topics will be covered:
– Wine and food pairing principles
– How to choose wine that would go with a particular course and dish
– Typical wine and food pairs – which wine goes with
what food

Wine Etiquette in Restaurants – Ordering and choosing wines in restaurants
A good golf swing is no longer enough these days. You and your staff also need to know how to choose and order wines for your clients. This is what the Wine Etiquette in Restaurants seminar is all about. Learn how to handle and use a wine list. Learn, too, how to request assistance from a wine sommelier without seeming clueless and looking lost.

Exclusive Sit-Down Tastings – Small, roundtable format tastings with a lunch / dinner option
This seminar is for those who are serious about wines. This wine-tasting seminar will teach participants how to properly appreciate wine.

Blind Tasting – How to recognize and identify wines
The Blind Tasting seminar involves anywhere from 4 to 20 wines and is given in conjunction with our wine aromas workshop. Team up or go solo and use the clues provided to differentiate and identify wines. Definitely a fun and interactive way to learn!

Wine Tasting with Professionals – A sit-down tasting with wine professionals
Gain valuable insight from professional wine taster(s) / sommelier(s). You pick what type of wines you wish to taste and we will put together a tasting seminar around it.

Wine regions of the world – A quick overview on the world’s wine-producing regions and what sets each one apart

The Nose Knows – A look into the olfactory system and its importance in tasting wine

Cellar Management – How to start and manage your own wine cellar

Wine Aromas & Wine Varietals – A comprehensive discussion of the classical varietal wines and their aromas

Bouquet – The biochemistry behind a wine’s bouquet or perfume

For more information please email or call 800-508-5828.