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The Wine Vibe Blog 2.0 Beta

Welcome to the new and much improved Wine Vibe, the first multilingual wine review and wine education blog by industry professionals.

Six months ago, Wine Vibe was already a great wine education blog. It had news about the wine industry, accounts of wine tastings I’ve attended, stories about wineries and vineyards I’ve visited, helpful guides on serving and drinking wines, and exclusive wine reviews. I wanted more, however. I felt Wine Vibe could do more, be more and share more, so I decided to push the envelope – and thus began an extensive and definitely expensive overhaul of the Wine Vibe blog.

I began with a redesign of the way Wine Vibe looked. I then went back to my old posts and revised them extensively to make them even clearer and easier to digest. This took a lot of time out of my busy schedule, but I felt that I needed to do it to give you – my readers – greater value for your time. After revising the posts, I removed 99.5% of the external links in the posts. I wanted Wine Vibe to be your one-stop wine education resource, so I hired researchers and compiled an internally available, comprehensive glossary of wine lingo and grape varieties. I hired programmers to create custom applications that would make the site more interactive.

I also hired animators so I could add multimedia content to the blog. As a final step, I got professional translators on board and had Wine Vibe translated into 6 other languages apart from English. Then I had the site thoroughly reviewed by industry professionals.

It’s been seven months since I started revamping Wine Vibe. I plan to add more features and applications, compile a list of the who’s who in the wine industry, add more animations, post more pictures, and create more multimedia content. I am happy to be back and I have a dozen new great posts pending to be posted once they are translated.

Sébastien Gavillet