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Sébastien Gavillet

Sébastien Gavillet is a nose-for-hire and wine consultant/educator/profiler with over 10 years’ experience working with some of the biggest names in the wine industry. He is the Chief Wine Officer of Wine Aromas Inc and the man behind, the multilingual wine blog read in over 180 countries.

Sébastien advises winemakers, teaches sommeliers and samples over 4,000 different wines in any given year. He speaks at private functions and was one of  the speakers at the 2010 AmericasMart Gourmet Show in Atlanta. He has also been invited to Lynne Rossetto Kasper’s radio show, The Splendid Table, and is a judge on the wine-tasting panel in International Wine Competitions such as the Mondial
du Pinot Noir and Mondial du Merlot.

Sébastien’s keen nose and knowledge about wines are a consequence of his background and early training. A native of Switzerland, he grew up surrounded by small wine producers and vineyards. His father, a professional coffee taster, instilled in him a great appreciation for aromas. His parents also made sniffing and drinking wines a dinnertime ritual.

Currently based in Las Vegas, Sébastien spends his spare time working on an online wine school.

Apart from wine, his main interests are cooking (Somms in the Kitchen), cheese (see his cheese and wine pairing tool) and single malt scotch whiskies.